What Are Most Problems People Are Facing Nowadays?


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PAKISTAN: ( This word looks like a joke for other country's people)
We are not doing anything for our country and thatswhy we are facing many many dificulties specially in KARACHI, because we choose our leaders and we make them President, and Ministers but when we make them our leader they don't work for us but they works for other country, our government have no money but they have money for their use,  they have lots of funds but all the funds they are submitting to their personal or foreign bank accounts..
    People are getting down and no one care for this, we can't even buy our proper food and our leaders are getting rich day by day, we have problem our food,shelter,security,fredom, and thats are basic nesisities of life but we havn't these things and all of this situation We are responsible for every thing. . .. . . .  No one is responsoble for anything,


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