What Are The 3 Major Issues Facing Latin America Today?


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3 Major issues facing latin America are: Poverty, Negative Immigration Rates(emigration), and Corruption. Every other issue, is a result of one of these three categories.
Each major issue also contributes to the other. For example, Poverty Causes the well educated and non educated to leave in search of a better life (Negative Immigration). This since most of the well educated are gone, corruption can spread though very easily. This causes eve more poverty, and more emigration. Its like a big circle. Each one contributes to the other, and other issues such as crime, health, and life in general.
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Latin America is a cultural term rather than a geographical one and represents the Latin speaking countries in South America and Mexico in North America.

The issues these nations are facing these days are myriad and one of the most important one is corruption. Corruption is the one issue that can not be tackled by just making policies; the problem happened at the stage of implementation. People at every strata of society have a laid-back approach since long and that can not be changed in few moths, it will be a consistent effort of the people at every stratum that can bring change.

Another issue that is quite rampant, more or less, throughout Latin America is drug trafficking. And it is so much ingrained in their life that in some of the regions, the life of a sizeable population depends upon the cultivation of the plants for drug trade.

Another issue is the high handed attitude of some of the leaders who are at the helm in some of the Latin American Countries. The bringing in of democracy or should we say democratic values in these countries can bring in changes in these countries.

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