In Your Opinion What Is The Most Important Problem The World Faces Now?


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In my opinion, the biggest problem that the world is facing today is the inability of humankind to know when to stop taking.

The biggest problem facing the world today.

I don't blame you if you think my answer sounds like something that came straight out of a washed-up hippie's poetry book - looking back at it, that description sounds more than fitting. But I honestly believe that, if you take any crisis or problem that faces humankind on a major scale, the root cause is our inability, as a species, to appreciate what we already have and stop taking before it's too late.

More than just greed.

Whilst greed is a well-known danger that we're warned to steer clear of (I believe it's even mentioned in the Bible somewhere...), I feel that the problem transcends simply being greedy.

To illustrate my point, I'll take 3 current issues that are seen as major global problems, and I'll try and explain how our inability to 'pull out' at the right time has had dire consequences.

  1. The global financial crisis- If you look back to the humble origin of banking, it almost seems bizarre that this one sector now has so much influence on every one of our lives. Yes, there is a basic element of profiteering at the heart of the banking principle- but I have no qualms with people trying to make money. What I feel has happened is that what was once a functional industry has been transformed into a monstrous entanglement of debt and speculation simply because the people in charge didn't know when to stop. Whilst having a functional banking system can be the basis to a strong economy, milking cash cows until they suffer multiple organ dysfunction and collapse is something we've got to learn to stop doing.
  2. Global warming- The changing of the climate is a natural event. No one can argue otherwise. The polar ice-caps were melting and reforming long before mankind came along and that process is likely to continue long after we disappear. They way I see our existence on this planet is like riding a ferris wheel. Nature's ride is going to take us up and down, there are going to be good times and bad times, the key is just to stay on the ride. Instead, we decided to rock the boat by using every natural resource available to us until we're digging up Alaska to try and keep our Prius going. Somewhere along the line we missed the station that said 'get off here'.
  3. Global wars- Every single war I can think of has been about filling our pockets with as much as we can. Whether that relates to geo-political boundaries, natural resources, better trade routes, it's always been about, "What I have is OK, but I'd like to upgrade". This is hardly a modern phenomenon, but I'm hoping it has a modern solution.
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It is hard to decide. But the root to all the evil on the world goes back "human". All the problems discussed above show that. So that means education is to be at the centre.
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The most important problem the world - sorry, the earth - is environmental change. The earth is becoming more hot than ever nowadays. So all over the world the monsoons are beginning to change. The frozen areas are going to melt, particularly the Arctic. The earth is unable to maintain the weather as it is.
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In my opinion, the very worst, and most important problem, is injustice. It is the cause of several problems-big problems like war, smaller problems like burglaries...It makes me unhappy.T

here is so much unfairness. If people would just be fair, the world would be almost perfect, and we could all live in harmony.
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In my opinion it is all the terrorism and wars in the world. It has gone on far too long and there seems no end to it, but second on my list is global warming. It will get worse if nothing is done about it. Everyone should take a stand on the matter and do their bit to help.
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Disrespect for parents, other people and no compassion. Sometimes I see the remarks of people desperately asking for help who are suicidal and you have the other person saying, "go ahead and kill should". It's unbelievable.

I pray, pray, pray for the people of this world to love each other because all we have is each other until the Lord comes.
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It was Ghandi who said that "An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" makes the whole world blind and how true this is. If we were to accept each others faults and try to work around them then the world would be much better place.

I think the biggest crisis the world is facing, are those people who are preaching negativity and brain-washing their people into situations over which they have no control.

Also the crusades to have Christanity removed from all aspects of public life. Nowadays we wish each other a happy holiday or a happy festive season instead of a happy Christmas. This is just one example of the negativity of which I speak.

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