In Your Opinion What Is Modern Civilization?


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A civilization is a "highly organized society with complex institutions and attitudes that link a large number of people together." Thus, our modern societies are well organized with complex systems of the police, the army, the civil service, agriculture, business, industry, education, means of communication, telecommunications, the mass media, medicine, engineering, science, commerce, defense arrangements and so on.

The present essay is designed to examine the true worth of the modern civilization, and it is today, what it is doing for us, how we are making use of it and in what directions we are moving historically. We cannot disregard the facilities and conveniences of life that are available all around electricity and now atomic energy have changed the whole pattern of life.

The facilities of printing and publication have made possible the spread of cultural values. Now in advanced countries of the west, we can find a common kind of culture because of the free exchange of ides and wrtings, which the printing press has, made possible as much as mass media.
All the countries or societies are equally developed, when science and machinery are used positively and beneficially, and when the old moral and spiritual values of all societies are practiced freely. Acquired immunity deficiency syndromic-disease that destroys all immunity or bodily resistance

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