How Has Modern Civilization Impacted Ancient Egypt?


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Here is the answer if you mean 'How has modern civilization been impacted by Ancient Egypt?'. Modern civilization hasn't really impacted Ancient Egypt because that society has long gone. Though, modern civilization has destroyed and ransacked ancient tombs, grave robbers destroyed tombs way back when and mummies have been destroyed as I will mention later on.

Modern Civilization has been impacted by Ancient Egyptian in many ways. Make up made out of natural dyes and elements that they found in nature, in modern times, the 'natural' make up trend and the whole 'cat eye' look has roots in Egypt. The Egyptians used Kohl (a mix of galena and soot), green eyeshadow (malachite crushed and turned into a paste), henna was used as a hair dye (and is one of the ingredients in modern hair color to turn hair red) and was also turned into a paste to paint the nails. The 'cat eye' look worn by those such as Amy Winehouse and other famous people is very very similar to the Egyptian 'Eye of Ra' that they made their eyes to look like for protection from evil. Perfect example is the movie Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor in it.

Gold jewelry of all sorts is something that has left an impact. Most (or at least a lot) of the gold in the world has been mined from Egypt and nearly every piece of gold in the world has a minute trace of Egyptian gold in it since Egypt was ransacked by many different cultures over the thousands of years and things were melted and then remade into other things and then remelted and so forth.

Mummies in general have impacted modern civilization. At one time, ground up mummy was used as a 'cure' for the Black Plague, could make you look younger, and was used as an aphrodisiac. The 'Mummy's Curse' is also another thing that has impacted our civilization, hence the very lucrative profits of Mummy movies and many myths and superstitions. Also, mausoleums are very similar to that of the Egyptian tombs. They are sacred places for the dead to rest and safe from the elements and for the families to come visit them, only that they happen to be in boxes and often it is just the bones of a loved one instead of a mummified body.

Also, the Ancient Egyptian religion is a very important part of history. For example, the shining star of the Ennead (kind of like the Greek's Pantheon), is Isis who was worshiped well into the 3rd century A.D. She is one of the most celebrated goddesses in history and still has cults to this very day. At one time a very modest goddess, she became so influential, due to Roman warriors believing in her, that artifacts of her have been found throughout Europe. The Italian/Spanish name Isadora translates to 'gift of Isis', proving her long lasting impact upon Western Europe.

I hope that helped you with your answer.

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