What Is A Mummy?


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A mummy is a corpse that has been preserved as a result of natural conditions or has been intentionally preserved using chemicals. In ancient culture like the Egyptian culture the body of the Pharaoh was preserved by way of a process known as embalming.

Egyptian society believed in the concept of afterlife and thought of the preservation of the body as a necessary part of the process. The embalming process involved removal of the internal organs except the heart and the interior was filled with materials like linen and saw dust.

The body was treated with solutions containing sodium carbonate to speed up the dehydration process and prevent decomposition. Various herbs and oils were also rubbed on the skin to ensure its longevity. The body was then wrapped in layers of linen bandages and placed in tombs. The practice of preserving the dead in the form of mummies was prevalent in various other societies in ancient times notably in China, Japan and the Red Indian cultures like those of the Incas and the Mayas.
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1. A child's word for mother.
2. An embalmed and preserved corpse.
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