What Are The Problems Facing Record Keeping In Uganda Today?


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I guess what you are trying to ask is "what are the problems faced due to poor record keeping in Uganda?" if yes, I will be able to give you some information regarding the problems faced. Record keeping in government offices is very poor everywhere in Uganda.

It is the biggest problem faced is by the PPDA that is the Public Procurement and Disposal agency. As Uganda advances in implementing procurement reform with the help of PPDA, it is faced with a number of difficulties one being poor record keeping. The government fails to draw up the monthly procurement reports that are supposed to be sent to the PPDA. Plus, there is a total disregard of the law. The government entities are not coping with record keeping quickly.

There is no doubt; the procurement function plays a central role in the achievement of the country's objectives. Especially, at present, accountability for funds and value for money remain to be some of the top priorities in Uganda. Irregular and poor record keeping is a major hindrance in PPDA's target.

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