Do Young People Have Any Self-control?


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Yes. I'm a living, breathing example of it.
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Yes ,when they have been raised up by a parent/ guardian/village that teaches them that their decisions can effect their future as well as others. When they get into trouble it has an affect on how they are treated/corrected  and that their actions can also effect their ability to get a job or be self sufficient in the future.sort of like teaching them that when they want a new game or clothes(whatever/their first car) that it cost's money and the money has to be earned so when they break the game or tear up the clothes  that determines if they get any new games or clothes unless they get a job and pay for them out of their own paycheck. It's funny to watch them learn this the old line from that seventies show when they ask who is f.i.c.a. And why are they taking money out of my check.
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Yes we do
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Yea most of them probably do have self-control. But it is only the few "bad apples" that we ever hear about - same as adults lol
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Everyone is born with self-control. The trick is learning to use it, and that can be a life-long process.
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I think most do in some areas but they are no different than us adults either. There will always be areas that we lack self control & common sense & so will they.
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Many don't; but, many do!!! Look at the THEY show self-control? No, most of them are alcoholics, druggies, going from one spouse/boyfriend/ to the next, can the child show self control if they see mother dearest doing it....or if they see mother allowing Father to do it.. Someone must have control. When there is NO control..someone needs to go because the children SHOULD be everything. If the parent does not EXERT control, the child will LACK it, his/her whole life....and it is not so much about control; but respecting yourself and others and my society is really losing its grip on that.
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Haha most of them do...everyones whos human makes mistakes occasionally but for the most part young people have self-control...just maybe not as much as adults at times..but then again they can sometimes have more than adults haha
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I think everyone is able to use self-control.  The trick is knowing when to use it and having the moral courage to use it.  It is hard, no matter your age, to go against what your peers are doing or encouraging you to do.  That is where maturity comes into play.  It takes maturity to say no when it would be easier to go along with the crowd.  To show self-control, one must be strong in the area of independence and have a good self esteem.  Someone with self-control does not just go along to get along.  They are not sheep, they are generally the leaders.  Leaders exhibit self-control under stressful situations.  It does not matter if you are a leader of a corporation or leader in your school.  I admire someone that is able to show self-control under difficult circumstances....young or old.

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