Young People Sometimes Complain That They Have Too Little To Do In Thier Spare Time What Is Your View?


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Good Question... As a youth director at my church I try to educate the youth on  mission work and volunteering their time to help those that may need it.  I also keep the youth busy with group activities such as once a month fun trips.. (ie... Movies, skating, paintball, activity night)  And by mission work, I'm not talking about them going to third world countries to work, I'm talking about, the elderly lady that lives across the street may need her garage cleaned out so the youth will go spend a day helping her, or washing someones windows that otherwise may not be able such as a handicapped person.  We have went to the land of where they were about to build a habitate for humanity house and cleaned the lot.  There are many things that can be done to keep the youth of today busy, its fun, hard working and gives them a sense of pride knowing that they helped someone.  Ive also made it that when we do our fun activities, the youth that want to participate in those activities have to donate at least four hours of their time a month and show proof.    Hope this is the answer you were looking for,

:) Gabby (:

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