Does Anybody have any suggestions on what a girl could do for her Sweet 16?


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Jil Blue Profile
Jil Blue answered
Invite tons of friends and have a simple party at a bowling alley. They will set up a table and you provide the cake (sometimes they will give you a decorated bowling pin) and you and all your friends can have fun and pick on each other on how you bowl. Everyone is entertained, and can have fun doing it in a nuetral location.
Ruth Campbell Profile
Ruth Campbell answered
I like the idea of a bowling party.  Go with that.  Wear something fancy, and enjoy yourself.  Have a cake.  Make a wish and blow out the candles.
Hunter Turkey Profile
Hunter Turkey answered
Go have a killing spree on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Or just have a party and get her some dark chocolate...
Kk polly Profile
Kk polly answered

I want to go on a cruise with my mom, because we share a birthday. I also want to get  a new hairdo. Bob with ombré, here I come!

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