How much money would you typlically spend on a sweet 16 party? Dress, shoes, hair cut/style, food, venue, and a dj. And im thinking 75-100 people. Also what kind of places do people have sweet 16 parties?


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BEN GREGO answered
I;m the wrong one to answer this, as I am single and never had kids, but I will try:

Spend only what your family can comfortably afford!!!  DO NOT go 'all out' to try to impress others...what you can safely spend, without going into debt, is what you should spend....there are many ways to have a wonderful party and not go into debt...this goes for all the items you mention; your dress, shoes, etc...

I also think it'd be a nice gesture if you could do some of the work yourself, or at least help out with the preparations...try to make it as easy as you can on your parents; don't saddle them with unnecessary debt for just one party!!

When they realize that you are not a 'spendthrift' with their money, they will certainly appreciate it!!!!

And you will have a wonderful Sweet Sixteen party, knowing that it was an event that didn't make your parents go broke!!!

Have a wonderful time....take lots of pictures!!!!  You will always cherish them!!
Patricia Williamson Profile

Sweet 16 parties should not be organised at anyone's home. It's best to choose another venue. Approximately the money  spend on each and every thing should be around £2500 for all. Individually it costs per head $200 because party dresses are very costly nowadays.

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Charis Pitter answered

I had a sweet 16 Birthday party with 80 guests and altogether it costed me upwards of $3500

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