What Should You Wear To A Sweet 16 Party?


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Attire for a sweet sixteen party would ultimately depends on the kind of party it is. For instance, is it a formal dinner, a tea party, a House Party, beach party or a simple slumber party? Ask your pal if there is any specific dress code.

For a casual sweet sixteen you might want to consider fitted dressy jeans with a pretty top. A sexy, pretty or simply cute short skirt is forever a classic option. With day parties, consider donning a high end summer dress. You can always keep your look flirty and feminine if that's what suits you.

Try not to experiment excessively and go for an overall look and attire that you are sure would ultimately look best on you.
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Filex Bajra answered

Try wearing something that won't get too hot if you're dancing but will look stylish as well. Maybe some comfortable flats, jeans and a cute tank top with some sort of light over coat that you can take off if you get hot dancing. Hope this helps! 

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You should be fine in your semi formal attire. Check your closet now for one or you can always check for online help.

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