What Is The Difference Between Politics And Political Science?


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Politics is process by which group of people make collective decisions.
Political science is a social concerned with the theory and practice of politics and the discriptions and analysis of political system and politics.
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The Difference Between Politics And Political Science is that politics is a process of through which groups of people make decisions while Political Science is the study of politics and its behaviors.
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Polics is all about the way and methods of allocating resources by politicians whereas political science is to see or monitor whether are they well distributed and enhance taking accountability
Politics is the practice of developing influence for the purpose of controlling the government - be it monarchy, democracy, or parliament. Political science is the study of politics and politicians.

A cynical person might say that the difference is comparable to that of eating sausage vs making it.
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The current steps and governmental changes including debates and mutual contracts of  parties are called politics while political science is the definite study of ideologies and understanding of surroundings.
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Basically nothing. But- you might try the school library and check out a couple of course catalogs. I went to one of the top 25 undergrad schools and we had about 12 major fields of concentration within Political Science. Government probably concentates on US government- constitutional law civil liberties, US political thought survey courses, etc. Just a guess.
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I think there is no difference between political science and politics .  This is only a matter of choice.

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