What Is The Difference Between Political Science And Political Economy?


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Political economy-teaches modern science of the economy deals with the interrelationship of political and economic processes----political science deals chiefly with the description and analysis of political and especially the governmental institutions and process...  
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Political science and political economy are different but share the same erroneous premise; neither of them are true sciences. The aim of all true science is to reveal the truth for the benefit of mankind whereas the aim of politics is to conceal the truth from mankind.
Enough then about "political" science. What about "political" economy, or what we normally refer to simply as "economics"?
Essentially, economics is all about gathering more wealth to yourself than your neighbour. Economists encourage us to believe that everyone can and should become wealthy and by so doing, poverty would be abolished. Its a lie. The value of the dollar in your pocket is none other than the lack of a dollar in someone else's. If nobody needed your dollar, it would be useless. "Buy low, sell high" they say and everyone benefits. Oh yeah? Charcoal is cheap when the town has burned to the ground. Bricks are cheap after an earthquake. But I don't see many smiling faces... Exchanging the savage's diamond for a needle might be the perfect deal for some, but I like to sleep nights.

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