What Are The Main Features Of A Democracy?


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The main features of a democracy vary in a wide selection of ways.
1) Democracy is a form of government in which the rulers are elected by the people -
2) In a democracy the final decision of making power must rest with those elected by the people. –
3) A democracy must be based on a free and fair election where those currently in power have a fair chance of losing. –
4) In a democracy, each adult citizen must have one vote and each vote must have one value. -
5) A democratic government rules within limits set by constitutional law and citizens’ rights. -
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The main features of a democracy vary in a wide selection of ways.
For starters, the main and most probably utmost important feature of a democracy will be that the government serves the needs of the people. These means that in order for this to be possible, the people of the country, the citizens, will need to be outspoken and encouraged to have a freedom of speech. This can be exercised in many ways such as joining or forming, even, a pressure group. Another feature that derives from democracy is that minority groups are protected. This means that for the majority of votes, the minority's' opinions will still be valued and thus acted upon in some way.

Basic elements that a Democratic system will consist of are; the right to vote if one is 18 or over, general elections must be held at maximum, every five years and there should be an alternative government available in case electorate desires change.
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Democracy is a small number of related forms of government and also a political philosophy. The word has come from the ancient Greek for "rule by the people". A common feature of democracy as currently understood is competitive elections. Competitive elections are seen to require freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and some degree of rule of law. Civilian control of the military is often seen as necessary to prevent military dictatorship and interference with the political affairs.
As far as Pakistan is concerned, there is rule of military as well as the democracy at the same time. The nation is facing a lot of confusions when it comes to the elections or the military rule or the rule of law.
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Democracy is a form of government where leaders are elected by the people and the it is responsible towards the people.


"for the people ,by the people & from the people".
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democracy is a type of government in which citizens are free to speak and express their views,and have the right to vote,change religion or to settle any ware you wish with out anyone fear

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I agree with most of the elements noted.  With that said, there are democracies of all stripes.  The most fundamental is elections.  This doesn't even necessarily mean they are particularly free or fair.  I've heard present day Russia described, for example, as a 'managed democracy' which, while it has elections, the power elite have a de facto ability to intervene in the outcome.
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A  people have the power to elect their leader.It means democratic country is ruled by people.They have the right to  eat the food they like ,wear the dress of their choice opportunity to do the job of their choice.

  Jayasree ramesh

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