What Side Dishes Recipes And Ideas Go With Standing Rib Roast Christmas Dinner Menu?


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Hi, you can serve white or sweet potatoes mashed or baked, fresh cooked greens, string beans, peas or asparagus. You can have a rice dish, corn pudding, fried apples or fried green tomatoes, baked apples, bread stuffing, gravy, toss salad, peppers and onions stir fry. I hope this list will be been helpful to you. There are just so many possibilities. Merry Christmas and take care!
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I am having the same problem. Because I am using the traditional horseradiish sauce I have decided to try horseradish mashed potatoes with country greens, traditional green salad  and sauteed asparagus, toasted sesame seeds or pine nuts.  I am also doing a crown pork roast and a traditional turkey so I will have a apple dressing for the pork roast, that I found on food network, and a southern cornbread dressing. I am going to try my hand at a light chocolate/orange souffle,  pecan pie with a chocolate whipped cream topping, (Rachel Ray) and fresh fruit..  Good luck
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Sweet potato casserole and green beans. The typical green bean thing makes me sick mushroom soup and onion topping. Just buy regular green beans in the market and snap them then put bacon in them for seasonings and cut up white potatoes and drop them in there. The beans are way fresher and you don't have to play with this dish all day.

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