Where Can I Find Little Silver Ball Decorations For My Christmas Cookies?


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Go to your local candy making shop; one that just sells candy making supplies. Or you could try a big craft store. These places have all kinds of decorations, that you usually don't find at a regular store.
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these are called 'dragees' and you should be able to find them in a specialty pastry type store, i have even found them at the grocery and walmart. be careful- the are hard to bite into
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These silver balls are called dagrees and I found a website online, that sells them in silver and gold in 2 sizes.  Hope this helps.
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These can be bought in any supermarket in the baking section, along with hundreds and thousands, chocolate bits and all the other things used to decorate cookies and cakes.
Ask the manager at your local store. If this doesn't bring results, go to a baking store that specialises in these products. Alternatively you could ask a confectioner or baker where he or she sources them, if you are having problems.

You can also now get silver and gold edible paint for cookies and fruit desserts, which is rather festive and Christ mass, and adds a touch of luxury to the everyday.
I normally dry off, and hull strawberries, then dip them in melted, dark, pure chocolate. When this has hardened, you can then add some gold accent, and arrange them on a lovely crystal stand, as the center piece of the Christmas table. Cape gooseberries can be treated in the same way, after you have twisted the papery skin into a twirl. These are called "Fruit Royale" in Europe.

I hope you find those little silver balls for your cookies
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Oh no they can't!!! I have searched everywhere for them and they seem to no longer exist!! (I feel your pain!) ;)

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