Where Are He Bin Weevils Christmas Tree Decorations?


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Well one is in rums cove
the other is at dosh's palace (you need to use close up to find it its in the egg he he)
the other is outside rums cove click the bells in this order eee eee gf de and then a song should  play if it doesn't do it again
the other one is at flem manor ( bin side) and click the windows
the star is at inks orange peel on top of a needle (you will need to use free cam which is the arrows)
the snow weevil is at track 2 click the car
another is at rigg's palladium which you have to build a snow weevil
another is in castle gam click on the second left tile on the bottom
the beads are a gongs nest click the middle clogged one and guess 62 beads
and thats all I know I hope I helped you with the christmas tree hunt and by the way
my weevil is called swsitu I'm a red weevil
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1.there is one in the snowmans eye outside the shopping mall
2.if you go to racing trak 2 on the board if you clik on the front wheel of the car it is there. is in the post office if you clik on the clok
4.if you go inside rums cove there is this flashin lite thing wait til da lite goes red then clik on it
5.if you go to inks orange peel and you go to the corner of it there is a needle and a star above it
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One is in riggs palladium and you have to make the snow man and then you get a ginger tree as your decoration

xxx Tasha
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Ones at gongs click the middle pipe and submit 62 beads
Ones at flem start at top left and follow directions
Ones at weevil wheels click on wheel on cart (Warning you need to earn the first trophy and go to track 2)
Ones outside weevil post. First put the snowmans head on his body. Thenput the hat on his head the hat is above weevil post. Last put his nose on its the weevils post sign.
Ones at shopping mall outside click snowmans left eye.
Ones inside Rums cove click flashing light when its red.
Ones outside rums cove play this jingle. EEE EEE GFDE (Repeat)
Ones inside castle gam click on white tile in left corner. A red button will appear click that and the lights will turn on. Click the lights.
And thats all I can remember.
My weevil is called Weevil_Force.
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Well ones at riggs and you build the snowman
ones at flem manor you click on the window and follow the directions
at shopping mall click on the snowman's left eye
at dirt valley track 2 where it says weevil wheels click on the front wheel of the car
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One Is At The Ink's Place
Behind The Bin Use your Camera to see
There Should Be a Star With A Needle
My Weevil is Called Disturbed
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One at riggs
one at post
one at inks on the needle use the camara
one at gongs pipenest click the clogged pipe middle.
My weevil is called grimaster12 me is tycoon
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doshes, pales look inside the egg use the close up
build the snow man out side the post office
I now more but want you to find them my Weavile name handcock3

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