Is This The World's Most Spruced Up Christmas Tree?


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A jewelers in Tokyo has unveiled the world's most expensive Christmas tree.

Yes, the folks over at Ginza Tanaka have laughed in the face of the credit crunch and global economical downturn, and erected a special tree, made entirely in gold and cashing in at a whopping two million US Dollars!

Standing at just under two and a half meters tall, the star on top of the tree alone is worth around $65,000! The tree weighs in at 12 kilos, and is adorned with fifty golden orchids, each of which are worth $1,500, as well a 60 heart shaped plates which, in keeping with the overall theme of the rest of the tree, are also all made from pure gold.

Ginza Tanaka say it's the most expensive Christmas tree they have ever created, and that it took a team of talented craftsmen four and a half months to construct its complicated lattice of rare and precious ore (gold).

According to Tomoko Ishibashi - a representative of Tanaka Kikinoku Jewelry - "this year the store was bustling with five times more customers than usual. So, as a fitting finale to the year, and to represent our store, we decided to create this Christmas tree using pure gold."

The tree will be on display at the Ginza Tanaka store throughout the festive season right up until Christmas day.

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