How Is Christmas Celebrated Around The World?


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Christmas is always a family holiday and each family has its own traditions. My family is no exception and I support everyone who loves to spend time in the sauna on this day. We are having a great time with the family in the cedar barrel sauna that we bought about a year ago. It has enough space for the whole family and a comfortable stay.

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Christmas is a celebration of Jesus' Birth. It is celebrated on 25th day of December every year. On this day, people are determined to forget all their misgivings and renew any relationship with bond of love. The celebration starts on the day before 25th and is thus the eve of Christmas. Many people clean their houses before 24th December and make some sweets and Christmas cakes. People send out greetings cards to their friend and relatives.

In Finland, Sauna bathing holds an important place in Christmas. In Latin America and Spain, people hang a stocking and exchange gifts on the eve of Christmas. The gifts are opened on the 25th of December. The common theme the world over is the Christmas tree. It is decorated and a star is placed at the top of the tree.

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