How Much Money Should I Put On The Itune Gift Card I'm Giving My Friend For Her Birthday Tomorrow?


18 Answers

Gene wright Profile
Gene wright answered
Put in $500bucks and remember too, Iam your friend
Ilina Profile
Ilina answered
If she's turning 12, put in $12. If she's turning 15, put in $15. Or just donate the money to charity while making a handmade gift
Sarah Profile
Sarah answered
20 dollars
walter jedyk Profile
walter jedyk answered
Twenty bucks i guess.
Miss Argyle Profile
Miss Argyle answered
I would put £5 or £10 :)
Steve  Smith Profile
Steve Smith answered

Instead of that buy new discounted gift cards and give it to her

buy it from where I found good offer

Karen Profile
Karen answered
Same amount as how old she will be. I stole that idea from llina!!!!
Nikhil Bhatia Profile
Nikhil Bhatia answered
I would put 50 bucks or if you think thats too much 25.  I guess if she/he is a really good friend go with 50
Joan Profile
Joan answered
I would not go over $20.  But, perhaps you have more disposable cash than I do.  For a simple friendship that amount seems reasonable.
Annie Devore Profile
Annie Devore answered
I Guess It Depends On How  You Want To Spend .. Perhaps 15 Bucks ??I Just Buy CDS So I Don't Have To Worry About Buying It In "Pieces" Like One Song At A Time Deal
Informater Infoman Profile
It depends, how good a friend is she? Very close or more of just someone you know? What's her personality, how much would she give you? It's a good idea to get your friend a present of similar value to what she'd give you!
John Profile
John answered
Since i don't know how much a download is or how much you can afford.i would say it is up to you.

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