What Should I Get My Friend For Her 22nd Birthday? We Have Only Been Friends For About 6months And I'm Not Sure What Would Be A Good Gift Without Being To Little Or To Much.


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Every woman loves to have flowers delivered!! Also a nice dinner is always good, If it's only been 6 months you don't want to go much further than that it's too soon for lingerie you know but too long for a c.d. I hope everything works out for you.
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You can bring her to a romantic places like a beaches or a spa resorts, under this you may add something that can surely make her smile, give her a spa gift vouchers and let her enjoy the beauty of spa and massage services as well as getting into mind and body refreshment.
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Well I think its a great thought I would treat her to lunch get her a simple funny b-day card. And maybe some kind of trinket of something she collects maybe.

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