When It Rains My Christmas Lights Don't Work. Why? They Always Work In Dry Weather.


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I would check all of your extension cords and connections. If it is possible, and if they are not plugged into a gfi outlet, plug them into a gfi. If you have a connection that shorts to ground when it is wet outside it should trip it. If it does trip you need to get some new cords that are rated for outdoor use and try that. It sounds like water is shorting something out and that is causing your problems.
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What is gfi? I had this new outlet installed specific for outside usage. Everytime it has rained I have had to hit the reset button. All my lights are for outside use as my electirical cords. SHould I be concerned about fire of is it safe since it shuts itself off?
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A GFI is what you described by having to hit a reset button. I worked on a outlet for some one with a similar problem last week. I put in a outdoor GFI recepticle cover that covers the whole outlet and anything that is plugged into it. I also advised them to use outdoor extension cords. They have seals in the plugs to keep water out. Try taping some plastic around the outlet and let it hang loose down in front so water can run off. The water will "wick" away from the outlet.
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It is possible the water from the rain is seeping between the plugs and tripping the gfci outlet that you are plugged into. Try allowing them to dry then tape sandwich bags around the plug connections and reset the gfci.
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You are not using outdoor lights which are specifically designed and made to run outside and even in rain. There is a conductivity problem. To know about the details, how to make the lights work in rain, visit this web page

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