What Are The Challenges Faced By Young Youths?


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I believe the biggest challenge faced by teenagers is to have the courage to NOT accept pressure by their peers. Being who you are with the values and dreams and goals you have is the best thing you can do and be...don't be pressured into anything that will stand in the way of the you that YOU are.
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As a teenager myself, one of the biggest problems is sex. In high school everyone is kinda pressured, especially when your dating someone older which happens at. Another problem is drugs. People in my school actually come to school high. Is that what you were looking for?
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Well, there are things like peer preasure, life changing decisions,sex,puberty,responsibility!
Your not in grade school anymore!
Trust me!
Me and my ex-boyfriend found things out together!
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There are a number of challenges that are faced by the youth and the teenagers in particular. Some of them are as follows:
- Exposure to extreme violence in movies and games.
- Maintaining a balance between education and other entertainment options.
- Adjusting to the deteriorating social values.
- Maintaining a balance of healthy diet due to numerous temptations outdoor eating options
- Maintaining a balance of indoor and outdoor games.
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The challenge faced by the youth

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