What Happened To Ebrahim Mirzaii The Founder Of Kung Fu TO'A From Iran?


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Ebrahim Mirzaii escaped Iran in late 1984 to Turkey and then settled in Germany in 1987. He has lived in Europe since then. He discontinued Kung Fu Toa and released Pasarbal which is inherent in Kung Fu Hannah style (common in Europe with base in Portugal). Mirzaii had to go through years of surgery and agony to rectify the damage to his leg (after being shot three times on the same spot within ten minutes by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards forces in 1981).  His style of Kung Fu Toa still remains one of the most advanced, sophisticated and effective forms of martial arts in the world.
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Ebrahim Mirzai is the founder of the Kung Fu Toa School / branch of Kung fu. It comprises of movements like rotation along with suppleness, shock, elasticity and other specific techniques. These are supposed to be utilized keeping both the view and the breath in sync with each other. Mirzaii founded this particular school in the year 1979 and tries to spread this tradition by sending his teachers all around the world to preach the art.

The actual Kung Fu Toa School has about 7 grades with eight belts in between. However since he has come to be a significant figure in the recent years, he has come into some amount of controversy. Mirzaii was forces to move to Europe during the late 80's as well as got into trouble with the Islamic regime in the late 70's.
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Remember that kung fu toa is based on the physiology of human energy
based on seven science ( Maygah ) was founded by Professor Ebrahim Mirzai .

his students are less likely to have this issue

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of its Islamic ideology in his challenge to deal comprehensively with the
approach of Professor Ebrahim Mirzai began musing . School of Kung Fu toa kung fu toa school and shut the door. It was open to all kung fu
practitioners from continuing .

in the years since that idea has become a legend

this is the secret of great men and women of kung fu in time....

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Surprisingly hard to find anything about his life, though I gather he moved to Europe and is based mostly in Germany. This pagemay be of interest, though it's automatically translated from German and not very easy to read.
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