What Was Meshiboseth's Connection With King David And What Did King Do About It?


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There are several interpretations on the internet as to the connection between the prominent Bible figures, Mephiboseth and King David. There are two people named Mephiboseth in the Bible and both of whom were King Saul’s family members. King Saul was according to the Hebrew Bible, the first king of ancient Israel.

One of the Mephiboseths was Jonathan’s son, who himself was the son of King Saul. He had been crippled when he had been dropped as a child while being carried during the outbreak of a battle. According to the Bible, when Mephiboseth met King David, he bowed down to him and claimed he was King David’s servant.  After Mephiboseth said ‘Yes, my Lord; I will do all that you command’, Mephiboseth ate regularly at King David’s table. He later had a son who he named Mica and from then on, all the members of the Ziba household became Mephiboseth’s servants.

Essentially, King David showed kindness to Mephiboseth after he declared his loyalty to him. Later on during the reign of King David, Mephiboseth was claimed to have been unfaithful to the king and so Ziba was awarded all of Mephiboseth’s estate. A period of time after this, Mephiboseth told David he had not lied and it was in fact Ziba. King David ordered that they then split the estate and thereafter, protected Mephiboseth.
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Meshiboseth was King David's friend, Jonathan's crippled son. He invited him to live in the palace and eat at his table in honor of the memory of his friend since Jonathan had died.

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