How Do You Decide Which Colonies Should Be Picked From Plate Culture Of A Mixed Flora?


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Culture plates have been used by scientists and biologists for years to grow bacteria and other organisms for scientific study. To decide on which colonies you should pick from a plate culture, you'll have to know whether you desire to grow a mixed culture of different microbes and bacteria or a pure culture that consists of only one strain of bacteria or microbe.

  • Why they are significant for scientists

Culture plates are an important scientific tool used in the study of microbes and bacteria, and have been used to observe how they evolve and grow under different environmental conditions and over several periods of time. Scientists use microscopes to observe the changes the bacteria and microbes go through and record the changes in their journals to help them observe new phenomenon and form new hypotheses. Once a hypothesis has been formed, the scientist will design a series of experiments that will either prove the hypothesis true or false. If the experiment proves the hypothesis false, it's back to the drawing board for the scientist. But if initial tests prove the hypothesis true, the next steps in the process will need to be taken and they include repeating the experiments and record the results and publishing results in a scientific journal so experts in the field can see how the experiments were done, so the test will be repeated by peer reviews of scientists who are experts in the field

  • How hypotheses develop

If all tests are passed, over a number of years the hypothesis may become a scientific theory. This process takes years and years and a number of peer reviewed experiments.  This scientific method has been the basis of scientific research for centuries now and it is known to develop true results, and expose results that were false because bias was introduced into the tests for a hypothesis.

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