Why Do We Call Indo-Pak Culture A Mixed Culture?


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Hindus and Muslims used to live with one another. It is like a mixed culture. It has impacts on one another. The very impacts can be observed by considering the things that we have adapted from Hindus and those that they have adapted from us. It is like a mutual interaction.

Islam is a unique system of life and it never allows the impact of any other thing upon it but it is true that Indian culture was a mix of Islamic and Hindu culture.

In 712, Muhammad Bin Qasim entered sindh from Bab ul Islam. He was a conqueror and his good attitude was a true example that how he got hold on the Hindu nation. This was an impact of influence of Islam on Hindus.

Later, they had a mutual impact upon one another. It was quite terrible for Muslims to have an impact of Hindus but they were failing to throw that impact away from them. After independence, still we find the signs of Hindu culture in our Pakistani culture.

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