Give Me A Sample Questionnaire On Discrimination Of Indo-Pak Culture.


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Give me a sample Questionnaire On Discrimination in the Workplace
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Name ______ Programme: ______
Age: ______ Gender: ______

1) Do you think, Pakistani and Indian culture are different to each other?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Don't know

If yes then go forwards
If no then write the reason______

2) Pakistani culture is based on
a) Western culture
b) Islam
c) Others______

3) Indian culture is based on
a) Hinduism
b) Buddhism
c) Others______

4) Which language is used in Pakistani culture?
a) Provincial languages
b) Urdu
c) English
d) Others______

5) Which language used in Indian culture?
a) Hindi
b) Urdu
c) English

6) In Pakistani culture, Pakistani dresses highlights
a) Pardah
b) Western-culture
c) Others______

7) In Indian culture, Indian dresses highlights
a) Hindu-culture
b) Western-culture
c) Others______

8) Which sort of festivals are celebrating in Pakistani culture?
a) Eids
b) Hindu-festivals
c) Christian-festivals
d) Others______

9) Which sort of festivals are celebrating in Indian culture?
a) Western-festivals
b) Hindu-festivals
c) Minority festivals
d) Others______

10) Do you know other difference between the culture of India and Pakistan
a) ______
b) ______
c) ______
d) ______
e) ______
f) ______
g) ______

11) Comments on the difference between the cultures of India and Pakistan
Pakistani culture______ ______

Indian culture______ ______
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there is varoius differences between india and pakistan ....pakistan was carved out of india for muslims who were demanding different nation for them other than india.
a large scale riots took place where 10 lakhs people were killed in 1947. just find out more on wikipedia
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