Why Can't Indians Be Knighted?


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Indians can't be knighted as India is a Republic. Only citizens of the Commonwealth (which includes New Zealand, Australia, West Indies), of which the Queen is monarch, can be knighted (and use the title Sir/Dame).

The Queen may honor citizens of non-Commonwealth countries with the KBE (Knight of the British Empire) title, which honorees are permitted to use as a suffix to their name.

E.g. Richard Hadlee, New Zealand citizen, knighthood conferred upon him, is now Sir Richard Hadlee.

E.g. If Nelson Mandela, South African citizen, were to be honored with KBE, he would become Nelson Mandela KBE
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What type of Indian are you referring to? Without knowing that, I can't answer the question. I do know that many nationalities and origins have been knighted.
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I believe you are referring to the British title of Knight. Knighthood refers to a non-heritable form of gentility, which can be bestowed upon a person by the ruling king, all through common wealth of nations. Today, Knighthood has become only a symbolic title of honor, especially in the United Kingdom and has been given to a diverse class of people for their services. There are many people from other nationalities who were knighted which includes many people from Indian Origins.

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