What Happened On March 2, 1807?


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On March 2, 1807, the United States Congress decided to abolish the African Slave Trade. Slaves were no longer allowed to be brought into any part of the United States from anywhere in the world. Slave imports were stopped by this law passed by the United States Congress in 1807.

Slaves were first brought to American in 1619. They were brought to Jamestown, Virginia from Africa. After that, slaves were brought to all parts of the Americas from Africa and other parts of the world. By the mid-eighteenth century, there was an abundant of slaves in all of the thirteen colonies.

After the Revolutionary War, the North passed legislation to abolish slavery; however, with the invention of the cotton gin in the south, the need for slave labor rose dramatically. By 1807, there were more than four million slaves in the south. So, with this many slaves in 1807, The US congress put a stop to the slave imports in America.

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