What Is The Best Accent In Speaking English?


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I don't understand the above. When pronouncing what is spelled out... I sound like I ride a short bus. Anyhow, I speak Proper English ...what was taught in school. I was educated by a strict group of Belgium nuns. I now say some words in with a Southern Drawl like ta'nite instead of tonight. I also say Koo Will instead of cool. My favorite is the phrase is that old valley girl phrase....Oh Mu Gawd instead of Oh My God!
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If you ask anyone learning English, they'll tell you the clearest accent is the Canadian, which accounts for the large number of Canadian correspondents on the American TV networks. The most difficult to understand are some varieties of the British accent, as well as the Australian. Some language schools refuse to hire British or Australian nationals for this reason.
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British isle, Australia, south Africa and USA are four distinct accents 0f English speaking nations. USA has, then, its variance. The British accent of high society ( queens English ) is supposed to be best. How ever the standard American accent (mid west ) is well accepted as the most prevalent.
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I can't comment on which English accent from which dialect in the UK pronounces financial as fee-nan-shal... Most of us Brits speak "Fie-nan-(ts)ial"
Prior to most UK business call centres becoming outsourced Indian concerns, it was considered that the most generally understandable and pleasant british accent was found amongst the residents of Edinburgh in Scotland. Without being overly posh, (Which most Brits find annoying) it is similar to "The Queens English" one may hear on the evening news, without the drawl of the "Estuarine english" common to those in the south of England. The Edinburgh accent has an almost musical sound, and it was found that call centre staff were abused less by callers when they were based in Edinburgh... A pleasant voice can be perhaps more disarming I guess.
It could be that shouting at someone halfway around the globe is a lot easier to get away with than someone who has all of your contact details and a horde of ginger haired Scots willing to invade the south for revenge!
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It depends on the purpose.

It should be one that doesn't alienate the audience.

I prefer to listen to BBC British, but I speak 20th-century Mid-Western TV-Network News English. The wrong accent in the wrong place can provoke confrontation (provoke confrontation = start a fight just by breathing).

Slang and obscure accents limit the audience. Strive for being understood.
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Australian definitely because British ain't too bad but there are stuff you got to practice a lot.
I prefer you to listen the animation movies&serials.....which is the only one thing that pronounce better English...
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The one that is understood! I think the Southern drawl and the Yorker are probably two of the more famous. Then again that Stoner-SoCal Cool is right-up there! But still those sweet Georgia Peaches...
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I'm from New York, but I never heard of the Yorker.:) Also I don't say, "toidy-toid and toid", and even though I live on (in) Long Island, I don't say "Long Gisland". LOL! I was even born in Brooklyn!
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The British one of course! English originated from where? England! Well done! The older accents that you hear from actors like Jeremy Brett are without a doubt the best. I find the US accent, to be a horrific mangling of the language. The Australian is very musical and enjoyable to listen to. Basically, if you want to put someone down whilst sounding intelligent, go for older UK whereas if you want to make friends, give the Australian a go...or the Irish!
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There are 3 English Accents, which usually speak universally, which can be well understand universally, and which are normally used  Australian Accent : AP-TEE-TOOTHE for  APTITUDE  U.S Accent :  Where pronunciation Will be made slang like TRUA-AINS-FURRR for TRANSFER.  U.K Accent : Here its very difficult to understand them like  FEE-NAN-SHAL for FINANCIAL  According to me, US accent is the best.  It may vary from individual to individual, however according to me US is better than UK and AUS.

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