What State Has Largest Kkk Population?


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Traditionally, the Southern states, such as Georgia, are known as the hotbeds of the KKK, or white supremacy, movement. Even famous novels, such as Margaret Mitchell's Gone With The Wind, featured dramatic scenes where the white men of Atlanta went out under cover of darkness to meet at KKK gatherings that were centered on the desire to fight equality for blacks and whites.

Today, it's difficult to say if Georgia still has the highest KKK population in American, but it might. The reason it's hard to know for certain is because many people don't exactly advertise their participation in this taboo organization. In fact, letting people know that you're a card-carrying member of the KKK is probably very unwise, unless you're at a Neo-Nazi rally full of skinheads.

About The KKK

• The KKK is part of the Christian Identity movement, which seeks to restore empire and power to whites alone. People who enjoy participating in the KKK are bullies on a grand scale - they blame people on non-white races for all of the problems in the world, including crime, poverty, and the disintegration of the old traditions and old ways.

• Rooted in the Old South, the KKK were evil people who murdered black people only because these innocent victims had dark skin - the KKK would also hide their identities in creepy white robes with pointed hoods. They would terrorize blacks by erecting burning crosses on their lawns. The KKK was a horrible stain on a democratic society, and they still are a disgrace today.

In a world where politics are more polarized than ever, organizations like the KKK sometimes attract a fringe element of society - sometimes, people are disillusioned with life, and they believe finding a cause will help to be more fulfilled. With organizations such as the KKK, there is a cult mentality, and a mob mentality, that is indicative of the very worst that society has to offer.

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