How Has Media Changed Our Lives?


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How does the media affect our lives?

Media plays a very important role and has changed it in almost every way. It is considered as the best way to know what’s happening in our world today. Newspaper, magazine, radio, television and internet are the different types of media. It greatly affects our lives because media has the power to change our thoughts. This is sometimes positive and sometimes negative.
Negative Things

Media can make people do things very violent because of what they see on T.V or the games they play. So the children are more aggressive, less trusting and more violent towards people because of these things. This means that they will start bringing weapons in to schools and around streets for example.
  Also in the past murders, accidents and deaths were just write to tell you what happened but now a days it is in the news to attract the attention of you. So that means people who reads the news all the time will become more scared and won’t trust people as much, this makes the world a more scarier place to them than it already is.

Positive Things
The earth today seems so small as we can find out what is happening at the other side of the world in seconds through the media. Media is the best way to spread information and news from one part of the world to the other. There are education programs to help people to learn anything through internet, television and radio. Children can improve their skills and education by watching these programs because it is easy to learn stuff that is interesting. Advertisements help us to know the different products people are trying to sell and we can easily make our choices according to what is said. Weather forecast programs tell us about the weather so that we can plan your day. Also the media brings us home all the news what is happening in politics today. Like recently England have just elected a new prime minister with David Cameron and his assistant Nick Clegg. The media also tells us what is right and what is not through the television and through the newspaper.
The media has been accused of causing violent behavior, racism. No one can deny that the media has an effect on our lives, but is the media just giving us what we want to here? Has the media taken away our ability to think for ourselves? Because the easiest way to find information is from the newspapers, television news and weekly news magazines not our heads. It is so easy to just go look on the internet or listen to the television but the reasons why people are not getting high grades at school is because they do not know it from the top of there heads.
We are able to look at what is going in more famous people’s lives, what is happening in other countries and our own country. For example we have found out what has happened in Greece as they have almost gone bankrupt. In other cities there is doubt over whether Greece can solve its debt problems without help from them.

Best Ways to Catch the Media?

• Newspaper
• Television
• Radio
• Magazines
• Internet
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Media has become a very important part of our lives. Media does not only provide us education but also information about our surroundings. Following are the roles played by media in our life:
- Awareness
- Education
- Technical information
- Business information
- Entertainment
- helps in making perceptions
- Helps in finding out hidden truth
- Creates panic and unrest in certain cases.
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The media is involved in our everyday lives now. We are able to look at what is going in in more famous peoples lives, what is happening in other countries, what is going on in our own state, city and neighborhood. It has also developed a twist of giving another persons values while the report is given as it is in that reporters or media companies point of view.
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Media plays an  important role in our society.There are two types ofmedia:
(1) Print media
(2)Electronic media
Print media For example:News paper,magazines etc.
Electronic media For example:Television,radio,internet etc.
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The media is all us people who want information about whats happening around us which is normal. It's when it gets out of hand to the point where it is so available loosely that it can make the enemy smarter, the sick minded better at what they do and get their 15 min. Of fame, pry into a famous person to the point of endangering their lives(from making them to ruining them, to unfortunate events like Princes Diana) and not letting up until it happens again( Bit Spears?)! If only people would stop the frenzie by NOT buying into Entertainment mags etc.It may save the life of yet another. Until then ??????
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Sometime media add fire to minor incidents just like I would like to give you the example of a girl who was beaten  in swat by Taliban that was a fake video made by the Pakistani intelligence and media add fire to that incident which ultimately proved to be fake but after that video immediate action was taken by government of Pakistan which ever have been a puppet show in the hand of European society and the operation was started on the command of general  kiani resulted in the loss of lives of thousands of innocent people. General  kiani  who was not different from general musharraf, it was actually the conspiracy against the Taliban made by extremist Christian and Jews in america and was acted upon  by pakistani army and government
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Media plays a significant role in our society today. It is all around us from the shows we watch on television, the music we listen on the radio, to the books and magazines we read each day. These goals range from entertaining to education
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Media also can portraiy something as bad and corrupt the minds of those who listen, via magazines, bilboards etc.. For example plastic surgery is rife nowerdays andwhy??  Airbrushing!!?!  Everyone wants to look a certain way, to copy celebritys etc, when celebs are no different from ourselves, they are just portraiyd as better looking and better skin etc on magazine covers and bilboards due to airbrushing, tanning etc! Its all fake its not real!!! can have a negative effect via propaganda, twisting the truth, to make others look bad in a certain way..e.g islam. Etc.. If a muslim man was to kill his wife it would say" muslim man kills wife , but if a christian man killed his wife.. It wouldnt say christian man it would say " man killed wife etc!
Media can be used in good or bad ways but majortity of the media and news is corrupt that we see on t.v especially from bbc, but ne way each 2 there own!
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Convenient, low-cost communication has always been a significant influence. Consider the following milestones: Writing, paper-making, printing, movable type, radio, television, the Internet.

The "Media" are the methods. Those who can control the media can control or influence the messages and nudge or even set boundaries for knowledge and perception of truth.

The more sources available, the more confusing, but with a single view there will always be rational suspicion of bias from isolation. I'm more at ease when I don't feel isolated.

Lack of stress = fewer allergy problems, less hair loss, retention of original hair color . . . All medically documentable.
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Information, Knowledge and action/skill on news, humanity, science, education, entertainment, career......and so on
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Media has certainly changed,us both in a bad & a good way too.
By giving us the latest & upto date news good thing happened.
But unnecessarily portraying small things (here I am talking about Indian media), misleading the public it is doing bad
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Yes,media plays a significant role in our society. It has helped many people during the terrorist attack and 24 hrs busy giving news .The did not thought of their lives,I think they r good.
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Media has change our lives by giving us reliable and fast information. Media is used in our daily life to get knowledge. Internet, News channels, and newspapers are widely used mediums to get in touch with the world situation.

On the other hand, media has been the root cause of many problems, e.g. Wastage of time. People spend 3 to 4 hours on an average on tv shows and entertainment channels. We have now become slave of media.
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Media has changed completely, it is now easily accessible at any time of the day. Less people by newspapers because it is so easy to access news on the tv/internet.
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Probably every day you watch some TV. It could be the news, reality show, cartoon, film, soaps and many more.
But what you don't know is that it has changed and it is still changing now and always will be without you noticing.
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The media has changed our lives in many ways. We form our opinions after listening to media reports, they tell us what to think, who to vote for, what is important, etc...
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The media has made it possible for us to know what’s happening all over the world via the News, News papers and internet. Also we are able to look in to famous people’s lives and broadcast the first twitter update from space.
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We are able to see almost everything. We see Britany, We see Local 4, we see weather. Media has changed man kind forever.
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By letting us communicate throu long distanses and helping to enform us of world conditions (roads, wether...)
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Media has enslaved us by broadcast, radio, and internet access to focus upon what is presented as important, however it is presented, and to the degree that it is presented.

That is remote control if ever there was control, remotely.

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