Suggest Some Catchy Names For College Events?


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Jennifer Bone answered
Students often want their college events to reflect their lives and current trends in music and pop culture.  This often gives the students a feeling of ownership over the event that will help to boost participation and enthusiasm.  The best way of going about the naming process is to engage in a brainstorming event with students where they list their favourite songs, musicians, tv programs, films etc.  Pick the best ones and then do another session 'riffing' off these names/titles.  Usually if something has a ring of familiarity based on pop-culture, the students will at least have a frame of reference for remembering the event title and at most might actively pursue finding out more about it and pass the information on to their friends.
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Catchy names for college events or college culture events can be found as 'Time for Music', 'The Mind Often Wanders', 'Pi Day'. It all depends on what the events are.

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