What Were The Major 1998 World Events?


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Matthew Shepherd, Frank Sinatra died, Clinton Scandal, Viagra was approved, Google's invented, Oklahoma bombing, Euro is the new currency for Europe
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Olympics in japan
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Arkansas school Massacre
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Jan 14 The body of 14-month-old Jaidyn Leskie is found in Victoria.
In one of the most-watched Australian criminal trials of recent times,
Greg Domaszewicz was charged with the child's murder. In December,
Domaszewicz was found not guilty. [more]

Jan 22 Allegations of an affair between US
President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky emerge. Mr Clinton went on to
deny the affair and then later admit it. By the year's end he had been
impeached and faces a Senate trial in 1999. [impeachment] [Lateline

Jan 28 US tourists Thomas and Eileen Lonergan
disappear after a diving trip off north Queensland. Rumours of a
murder-suicide, a death pact or an insurance scam spread but a Coroner
later in the year finds the Lonergans died at sea.
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Me being born!!!! Just kIDDING BUT I do want to know some events
about 1998 and other years

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