What Major Events Happened In The 80's?


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1980's was a decade that holds key significance in the history of the world. This decade lead the way to major socio-economic and cultural changes around the world. The end of this decade saw a new world. 

Following are some important events that happened in this decade:

- Widespread famine in Ethiopia

- Iran and Iraq go to war with each other.

- Revival of capitalism

- Consumers get more sophisticated and more brand and status conscious.

- Micheal Jackson becomes the most popular music artist.

- MTV is launched

- VCR and Video cameras become more widely available around the world.

- CD is launched in 1980.

- Explosive growth of computers and computer technology.

- Zimbabwe becomes independent

- John Lennon is assassinated.

- End of Soviet -Afghan war.

- Eruption of Mount St. Helens.

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A space shuttle explodes!!!!
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There was ripped jeans, MTV music videos, slangs like bitchin gnarly, Ronald Regan was the president, and I was born in the 80's.

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R.I.P John Lennon
Ozzy bites the head off a live bat thrown at him at a January 20th performance.
Ozzy had to be rushed to the hospital for rabies shots.
Crack Cocaine
Homeless Vietnam Veterans
Personal Computers
Space Shuttle Explodes
CNN is launched as the first all news network
Tylenol Murders
Berlin Wall Falls
Vanessa Williams
Comet Halley
Pope John Paul II is shot twice in St. Peter's Square.
He recovered.
Prince Charles and Princess Diana Wedding
PG-13 rating is introduced.
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What were the Major economic events of the 80's?

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