What Historical Events Take Place During The Pop Art Era?


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Basically, the pop art comprised of observations from society and culture, particularly consumerism. This was done by using popular images and icons and then re defining them in the language of art. In the US, the pop art era was linked to the Post world war II era and the society was becoming based on consumerism to a large extent while that in Britain was less brash due to the after-effects of the war. The most important artists of this era re Richard Hamilton, Jasper Johns, Andy Warho, Roy Lichtenstein, David Hockney, and RB Kitaj. For more details related to the artists and their works, you can visit:

Some of the important events that took place worldwide between 1950 and 1960 are:
  • War in Korea.
  • New USA president Dwight Eisenhower elected.
  • Churchill became Prime Minister in UK under Conservatives.
  • Queen Elizabeth II crowned in June 1953.
  • Mount Everest conquered by Hillary and Tensing.
  • Warsaw Pact agreement signed.
  • Castro took power in Cuba and became the new Dictator

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