What Happened In 1989?


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Here are some of the interesting events that occurred in the year 1989. Perhaps the single most important event was the destruction of the Berlin wall which signalled the end of the Cold War. The dismantling took place in the later half of the year. Political unrest ruled in China where pro democracy demonstrators comprising mostly students occupied Tiananmen Square. Confrontation that was inevitable between the two materialized in June when the Communist government decided to send troops to force out the protestors.

Then there was George Bush Senor who decided that he was going to evict Saddam, still alive back then, from Kuwait. Cuban troops deployed in Angola start to leave the same year. A both tragic and heroic event occurs in Sioux City, Iowa where a hundred and twelve people perish when a Douglas DC-10 aircraft of United Airlines crashes. The pilot and his crew manage to save the other hundred and eighty four on board.

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