What Events Happened In 1946?


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The 1940s saw the change of radical ideas of the world into conservative. Specifically in 1946, people witnessed 'Iron Curtain' speech of the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill with US President Harry S Truman. This is also considered as the period when the seeds of the Cold War were sown. In 1946, Thailand was accepted as a member nation of the United Nations by United Nations General Assembly. In the same year the British Coal Industry was nationalised. United States and Hungary suffered very high inflation. Kuwait Oil Co. founded and Soviet petroleum expanded its oil production in 1946.

Alfred Hitchcock released his thriller, Notorious in the same year. In this same year, American art was termed Abstract expressionism by Robert Coates. The field of science glowed with another star, the linear proton accelerator. It was developed by Luis W. Alvarez. In this year, structure of strychnine was found and mobile telephones and zoom lens were introduced for the first time.

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