Are There Any Jousting Events In The UK?


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There are currently a variety of different organizations and venues in the UK that offer jousting events. Several castles hold medieval re-enactments, tournaments and lectures on jousting, including Castle Ashby in Northampton, Leeds Castle in Kent and Ripley Castle in North Yorkshire. Additionally, the Sussex Medieval Festival on the 5th and 6th August 2006 showcases various aspects of jousting, including armouring knights and staged battles. Europe also offers similar events, with Bruges in Belgium hosting the Nottingham Jousting Spectacle from the 9th June ~ 11th June this year, using stunt riders and horses from films such as Braveheart. These jousting events also form part of wider medieval festivals in these locations, with other events including archery, falconry and traditional dances. There are also travelling companies who specialize in jousting and medieval re-enactments, such as Medieval World, who perform at theme parks and as part of television programmes, as well as being available for private functions.

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