Can Anyone Tell Me Why We Went To War With Iraq?


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The taliban, a muslim group with slightly different views were behind the 9-11.
These Taliban's live in Iraq / Afghanistan.
They for some reason of which I do not know started to fight against other afghanistan citizens. Because of the fact that Afghanistan has quite a lot of oil, the UK and America have supported the innocent Afghanistan's and helped fight the Taliban.
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Penny Kay
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Thanks Ginah!
Stewart Pinkerton
The Taliban were the ruling party in Afghanistan, absolutely nothing to do with Iraq or with 9/11, which was orchestrated by Al Qaeda, a basically Saudi organisation. The US won't go there in case the Saudis cut off their oil.
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Inaccurate fact finding indicated that Iraq had nuclear it turned out, they did not.  That was one reason given for the war and at the time, one of the main concerns here in America, I believe.  The other was as Ginah stated.  Thousand were being slaughtered by Hussein and his henchmen.  It was believed that he was a threat to the entire region and to us here in America as well.  Oil, was of course, a consideration but was not publicly mentioned by our government or the media.
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Stewart Pinkerton
There was *zero* international terrorism in Iraq under Saddam Hussein, it was the US who turned thousands of peaceful Iraqis into fundamentalists after they ran out on the people at the end of the first Iraqi slaughter - I won't dignify those two campaigns by calling them wars.
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I think it was a move by Bush jr. To finish what Sr. Started, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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Karen commented
Well, Pencil, you will see that the history books will tell a better story in a few years. We can all say whatever about it, but, Hussein needed to go. It is a fact that those responsible for 9-11 were terrorists.
I really dont care what anyone thinks or says cuz I was in Kuwait when the heathens came across the border raping ANY woman they could find. THOSE Arabs stunk and were NOT human beings. They ALL deserved to die! My cdr in chief did not see what I did but he made the right choice.
Stewart Pinkerton
That was certainly a factor for Dubya, but Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, that was a flat lie. BTW, soldiers all over the world have always raped and killed civilian populations, and those Iraqis regard *you* as a heathen.
Penny Kay
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War crimes occur due to circumstances created by war. Always has been, and will be, the same. The U.N. Should have dealt with Saddam when he gassed the Kurds. Where was all the humanitarian sympathy then? I was outraged when Bush announced in his State of the Union Address, that "He was going to rebuild the Iraq economy"! Darn good people here, sleeping in the Streets. Whatever, no consideration given to the American people.
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I can not say with absolute certainty.but (yes there is a but) the way i understand it is 9/11 on top of W.M.D's this was the door to the behind the scenes we have russia/japan and some others backing the taliban(in the far background/hiding) to try and crush israel through pakistan and it's taliban/cohorts.all to grab land they have no right to for the humongous oil reserve under is said that israels reserve of oil is more than all the rest of the oil in the known other words it is a land grab for money money money(power over other nations) by controlling or trying to control fuel sources.the only problem is the God/Jesus of israel says unh uh uhh and says he will basically take their heads off at the knees if they try to cross that line. This is why when enemies come against israel they seem to lose even against a smaller less powerful army of's just laughable to see this through history and the enemies of israel don't seem to be able to see it.and the united states needs to realize instead of trying to help divide land to appease these enemies of israel they need to back them up to the very wall as these are God's people and america owes it's very existence to case they don't know their own history.if you don't believe just look on the 1 dollar bill and you will see the homage paid to israel with the minorah and the star of david printed all over it.not to mention the shekinah glory of God surrounding the star.this is about all i ahve learned over the years.
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Stewart Pinkerton
Actually, most of the trouble in the Middle East would cease if the USA would stop backing Israel, and just let the Arabs wipe the State of Israel off the map. These are not 'Gods People', they are racist scum and modern Israel is barely distinguishable from Nazi Germany. Please note that this is *not* an anti-Semitic remark, I'm talking about Israel and her Zionist friends in the US, not Jews in general.
John commented
That would be the beginning of the end for the middle east.even if you do not see it or believe it.history has already beared this out.israel is the keystone if you will. It not only holds the enemy at bay but fills a void needed to keep them in line.if the U.S. If israel were to vanish tomorrow there would be such infighting the likes of the world has never seen before from the other countries/enemies of israel/the united states over what is under the country of israel.
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Simple. Geo.Bush No.1 beat the snot out of them BUT stopped short of the city - figured he had them beaten, got lots of "attaboy's" an all that other Texan bull. But he was wrong. SO, when Geo.Bush No.2 came along, he wanted to cast a bigger shadow than his old man, so off we went. Hussein was a madman from the same mold as Hitler,and needed to removed from the earth. But a well placed snipers bullet, or a smart bomb, could have accomplished the same thing. Oh, I forgot, we signed a treaty not to assassinate any political leader. But it IS OK to send troops in and destroy the country, and send 1000's of Americans to their deaths, or worse, to ill-equipped VA hospitals minus a limb or two. Bullet to the head seems alot more sensible to me.
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Agreed, it was all about the oil first time round, a cynical exercise by Bush senior who then ran out on the locals he had persuaded to rise up against Saddam. It was the US who created international fundamentalist terrorism in Iraq, not Saddam Husein.
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Penny Kay
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Thanks Mac, as usual, you have your finger on the pulse of the real international policies..
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The short of it is that George Bush hated Saddam Hussein, and wanted him deposed.
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Sadam was tyrant and he also had major printing companies printing

US dollars. Billions of dollars of very good counterfits, so good they

could be freely passed anywhere in the world.

The main goal was to kill him and his cronies and destroy those presses.

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