Can A Non U.S. Citizen Join The U.S. Army?


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Yes, a non-citizen can enlist in the military though federal law prohibits non-citizens from becoming commission or warrant officers. US Immigration support say on their website that immigrants must go through the immigration process before enlisting, ensuring that they hold a Green Card or visa and meet any educational requirements, holding a High School Diploma or equivalent.

The military is not capable, or permitted to assist in the immigration process. One must immigrate first, using normal immigration quotas and procedures, and then find a recruitment office and apply for enlistment.

A candidate must be at least 17, but not over 42, years old. Single parents are unable to join the military, and the army restricts noncitizens to an eight-year service, which may be taken in consecutive years or not. After this time, non-U.S. Service members must obtain citizenship to reenlist.

Non-U.S. Citizens are restricted to jobs which do not require security clearances. These include such diverse positions as band member, diver, armor crewman, firefighter, machinist, journalist and mechanic. Although non-U.S. Citizens are eligible for jobs which do not require a security clearance, these jobs may be performed in areas which require a security clearance.

You can also request a waiver if you want to join the army but are a citizen of, or have resided in, a country that is considered hostile by the United States. Your recruiter will provide information on these countries, but it currently includes places like Iran, Yemen, Egypt and Libya, and possibly Iraq. In such a global climate, the US Army is keen on recruiting the right people for the right jobs.
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First of all sir, the Navy Seals are, um... The Navy!

Navy = Cruise line

Army - Private security at the mall

Air Force - Your favorite Airline

Marines - Well I am a Marine, I have to love the !MARINES!

You need a green card before you even call a recruiter. There is no way around it - seriously..

I was in the same boat you where when I was a teen, and I eventually got a green card, moved here and after living here for a couple of years, I signed up with the marines.

Do me one favour though, check your reasons of joining - I have no idea what COD4 is, but this is not a video game.  I have experienced combat in Iraq and I got to tell you, there is no reset button in a firefight.. We lose people in combat - For real and for keeps.

We fight for this county and our brothers, nothing more, nothing less. Do not do this unless your heart is set.

Good luck
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Im british and ive just left the brittish army i saw combat in iraq and afganistan and got to the rank of corporal, ive only been a civilian for a few months but already i hate it and want to get back in, but i want join a different army and get away from this country so the us services sound perfect, how do i go about getting a green card and do you think my previous experience would work in my favour?
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It's not so. From the 4th of May, the army opened his doors also to the non-immigrants (as students) who have been in the US for at least two years. So you don't need to have a green card anymore to join the army.
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Yes he or she can join us army.I want to join us army but I am a indian
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Well you will most likely need to gain either a work visa or some sort of semi permanent residential pass, and then apply for our Armed services.
I suggest you go to the nearest United States Embassy and apply there.
Good luck, always nice to know some people still want to come to this land.
I hope you do get in, and have all you dream of here.
Because it is immigrants like you which make America the place I am proud to call my home.
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The natural nature of circumstances facing the World super power is of significant motive of strengthen the Army with diverse Nationality. I am a Sierra Leone residing in the West Region of Africa. I am 18 years old and I desire to serve the United States of America in providing loyal services in the Military.
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Well I'm calling from india I wish to know that could I possibly join the american army?
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If I may say so, The United States Navy Seals are the equivalent to the British SAS, its a big-ass mission to get in and you have to go through hell.  The movie "G.I Jane" will give you a small insight.

And for the record, I am also British, trying to join the US Army.
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I'm from africa botswana and I'm interested  in joining the us army, is that possible?
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Not unless you are an American citizen, too. Here are the qualifications:  What are the qualifications to join the Army?
The following are the basic requirements for enlisting: 
  • You must be a U.S. Citizen or a resident alien. 
  • Be between the ages of 17-34. Seventeen-year olds need parental consent. 
  • Have a high school diploma. 
  • Have no more than two dependents. 
  • Take and pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test. 
  • Pass a Military Entrance Processing Station medical exam.
  • Here's the link:
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Yes, but I don't know what you need to do. I was stationed with a British national when I was in the air force so I know it can be done. Good luck.
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I'm a Martian and would like to know if its possible for me to join the Air Force.  How does one apply for a visa from here?
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No a non American citizen can't join the US military at all plus cod does not show how it really it nor do movies maybe you should do a little  more research on a topic before you jump head first
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As  far as  I'm aware  they let anyone  in to the  us army as  long as you  meet  the  right criteriar
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Um a non US citizen can JOIN you S army only if da person is in da US on sum resedency visa n has stayed in USA for a specific time
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F$#&^%$ you all one day yo0u will only be remembered just like the romans ottoman empire and the rest of the ounce "big super powers"
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I wanted to join the US ARMY but with all the US Army performing Blue on Blues I decided not to

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