What Are The Obligations Of A U.s Citizen?


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There are a number of duties which every citizen in any country should fulfill. Some of the obligations of a US citizen are as follows: Firstly, to be a faithful citizen and to respect the flag. Secondly, you do have the commitment to obey the law and bring any change through peaceful means. Thirdly, to speak up when the criminal or legislative activities of any individual threaten your well-being or the well-being of your family or even your nation. Fourthly, consider the welfare of all the citizens of the United States and judge every law or solution to a problem only by how it affects you or your surroundings. Moreover, support yourself and your personal immediate and contribute in making US a healthy economy and society.

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Own a gun
kill terrorist
eat food
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watch independence day
don't like country music
get a mac
raise a flag
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