What Are The Historical Background Of The Philippines During Rizal's Time?


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Jose Rizal spearheaded political reform and social progress in the Philippines during the 19th century. This well-to-do patriot is considered one of this Southeast Asian country's greatest citizens, due to his non-violent activities, which made the Philippines a more democratic place for its people.

About Rizal And The Philippines

• Before Rizal grew to adulthood and began to reform society in the Philippines, the citizens of the country were subject to the rules and whims of tyrant leaders who were not proponents of democracy. Citizens suffered under Spanish autocratic rule, and they longed for a country where they could be free and contribute to the laws and regulations of their nation.
• Born in the mid 1800's, Rizal died for his ideals, as he was executed by Spanish forces in 1896. Today, Filipinos celebrate the heroism, bravery, and democratic spirit of Jose Rizal by holding an annual Rizal Day, which is a statutory holiday in the Philippines. When Rizal was killed, it sparked such outrage, that a revolution was provoked - this important historical event is known as The Philippine Revolution.

One of 11 kids in his family, Rizal studied in Madrid, earning a medical degree, and then travelled to Heidelberg, Germany, to continue his post-secondary education. A brilliant student, Rizal mastered several languages, including French and German, and spent much of his time writing essay and other works which centered on the political climate in the Philippines during that age. His views on his Spanish rulers were negative, and they planted the seeds for a later revolution.

Like many other Filipinos, Rizal wearied of the autocratic Spanish rule, and worked to bring about a more self-governed society, although he was not a proponent of violent revolution. This peaceful quality was one of Rizal's shining characteristics, and it was a sad day indeed when the Spanish tyrants chose to take the life of this singular young man. However, the death of Jose Rizal was the catalyst for revolution.

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