What Are The Historical Events In The Philippines?


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Spanish Colonization
Philippine Revolution
Philippine independence from America
Philippine-American War
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There are many important incidents in the Philippines that shaped the course of its history. These are events - both good and bad - that are equally important in nurturing and strengthening the solid foundation and sense of nationalism among the Filipinos.

Prior to the Spanish colonization, the Philippines already enjoyed a rich culture and tradition, still evident among the indigenous peoples living up in the mountains or along the coast. For more than 300 years, the country was under the strong grip of the Spaniards – who abused and caused the death of many Filipinos. They introduced many colonial impositions, particularly regarding economy, such as polo y servicio, tobacco monopoly, tributary system, cedula personal, cash-crop economy and so on. However, despite all this, the Spaniards have also contributed so much in Philippine culture, language, education, architecture, Filipino mind sets and most importantly, the introduction of Christianity in the islands.

By the 1900s, the Philippines became the only Southeast Asian country to be occupied, if not totally colonized, by the United States. They came to “civilize” us, justified by the so-called “Benevolent Assimilation” - educating the Filipinos, introducing to them what a civilization is like, and when all things are done, leaving them strong enough to rule their own country. However, their stay in the Philippines was marked by many tortures and bloody events, yet, they introduced a better system of education in the Philippines (although this had been their tactic in brainwashing and pacifying the country) and an American style architecture characterized by solid pillars and high ceilings.

In the 1940s, Japanese occupation opened a new phase of revolutionary action in the Philippines – an underground guerilla movement. A surprise attack in Clark Air Base, Pampanga on December 8, 1941 commenced the participation of the Philippines in World War II. There were massive attacks, relentless battles and destructions that occur during this period. However, the military system became more extensive, more effective and stronger than ever. The Japanese even introduced a new government structure in the country and founded the Philippine Executive Commission.

These occurrences just proved that despite all the pain and deaths, Filipinos never lose confidence and a brighter view that someday, a better Philippines will be born.

This Historical Events knowledge database is dedicated to the many events that occurred in the country that are considered significant in many ways. Below is a short enumeration of the events categorized on the historical period that they fall under.

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