What Are The Events Happened During The Birth Of Jose Rizal?


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There were many events that occurred around the birth date of Jose Rizal. The 1860s are renowned for being a significantly turbulent decade, with the number of major social, cultural and political changes that occurred in that period, in places such as Europe and America. There were many revolutions in both Germany and the Ottoman Empire, with the abolition of slavery also leading to the end of the Atlantic Slave Trade in Europe. It was already suffering following the abolition between the 1820s and 1830s, and by the 60s, it was nearly dead and buried.

Looking at the USA, there was a significant civil war between the Confederacy of the South and Northern states, which led to masses of deaths and destruction to the people and cities, including Atlanta, Richmond in Virginia and Pennsylvania. Once the Civil War subsided, there was more trouble to be seen, with the white supremacist group the "Ku Klux Klan" growing in numbers and support during the Reconstruction period. The effects of the KKK in regards to black people living in America at the time were terrible and can still sometimes be noticed in modern day societies.

Jose Rizal was a Filipino polymath and, arguably, the most significant advocate for the reform in the Philippines during the time of the Spanish colonial era. He is listed today as one of the national heroes of the Philippines, awarded by the National Heroes Committee. The day of his death in 1896 is still marked annually as Rizal Day, which is now a Philippine national holiday. This was also a prominent cause of the Philippine Revolution. Rizal himself was of a good background, born to rich parents and became one of seven siblings. He pursued a path towards the arts, earning a Bachelor of Arts, but then went on to enroll in medicine at the University of Santo Tomas. By the end of his study, he had earned two doctorates.

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