What Happened Before And After The Elizabethan Era? What Events?


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Before the Elizabethan era was the Tudor Dynasty which was begun by her Grandfather Henry Vll,he was Henry Tudor of Wales and he brought an end to warring amongst the Royal Houses of England as to who should rule. Then came his son Henry Vlll who was a bully and was famous for his six wives . He divorced 2 beheaded 2 ( 1 of whom was Elizabeths own mother) 1 died in childbirth and 1 outlived him After that came Henry's son Edward the sixth who died at an early age. (he was Elizabeths half brother) next came Elizabeths half sister Mary Tudor who was known as Bloody Mary because of the amount of people she executed because they supported the Reformation and she wanted to return the country back to Roman Cathlocism. When she died Elizabeth became Queen. She turned out to be the best ruler of them all . Her navy defeated the Spanish Armada who tried to invade England to turn it back to Cathlocism, (Elizabeth was a Protestant). When she died she had no heirs because she never married and on her deathbed she said that James the Vll of Scotland should acceed to the throne (he was the son of Mary Queen of Scots whom Elizabeth had executed ) This is when the Stuart dynasty started as at that time he ruled England,Scotland Wales & Ireland.

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