What special events happened before 1999?


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The World Trade Centre in London is partially destroyed by an IRA bomb.The Nepalese People's War began.A Peruvian Boeing 737 crashes in the Andes, killing 123 people.An Air Force 737 carrying United States Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown crashes inCroatia, killing 35 of the 36 on-board, including Brown.
Severe thunderstorms and a tornado in Bangladesh kill 600 people.
Nintendo 64 went on sale in the United States.
The Fox News Channel, an American cable news network, is launched.
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well that depends a lot happened before 1999 it all depends how far in history you want to go in the 1700's there was the Revolutionary War which stopped us from being ruled by Great Britan  and in the 1800's there was the Civil Was which stopped slavery and in the 1900's there was World War 2 which saved Jews everywhere and the Civil Rights Movement which helped the African Americans get the same rights as white people. I hope you leaned a lot from this little history lesson!

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