How Can I Remember People's Birthdays?


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Everybody has a birthday but the problem is remembering them! Some will be on memorable dates for you - either by matching numbers, or another friend' birthday - but most need to be put down somewhere!

You are not expected to memorise and rhyme off everybody you knows birthday - you are just expected to at least send them a card or wish them well. So put them somewhere you will look.

If you use a diary regularly then pop them in here. Each year spend some time transferring them over. If you have a diary but don't use it then don't bother. If you don't look at it you'll never know.

You could set an alarm on your phone or computer to remind you a few days before the birthday to buy a card or gift, and then again on the day to ring the person!

If all else fails - ask your mum/wife which important birthdays are coming up. She won't let you forget.
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You can remember people's birthday if you can find time to use any calendar alarm, or maybe use notebooks for recording friends birthdays. You can check your notebook every week, so by that you can plan ahead for your friends birthday gifts..Anyway, greeting them personally is the best gift you can give..

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